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WaveKart Digital Pvt. Ltd. Few Words from Our Long, Adventurous Industry Journey

For more than a decade now - yes, that’s when we started our internet journey. Surfing our kart of advanced services in the waves of changing times with the aim to bring the digital revolution near businesses of every sizes, thus WaveKart Digital, our braniacs have helped more than 500 hundred businesses globally to step inside the digital business environment and reap its benefits through the most innovative range of online marketing, website design & development, branding, business consulting services, and more.
  • With hundreds and thousands of hours of work experience in WordPress, PHP, Drupal, and other leading platforms, we always make sure to create informative, graphically exclusive, technologically advanced, engaging and innovative web platforms for all our clients
  • We firmly believe that our success is defined by our clients and employees. As technology geeks, we utilize on-trend and powerful skill sets to create a superior business identity for our clients. We aim to guide your business through a journey of success milestones, so you better brace yourself to experience some great action.  
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    Feb, 2008
    The Year of Beginning

    With the big dream to be a revolution bringing IT brand, WaveKart Digital has started its business serving journey in 2008. New in industry with full of passion and energy, we stepped forward to help businesses in starting their digital journey. 

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    Apr, 2010
    Recognized as a Brand

    Two years of hard work and undivided dedication, we slowly started to recognize as a brand that helps growing businesses with high-end business consulting, lead generation and online marketing. As they say, hard work always pays off.

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    Apr, 2012
    The Success Rings

    Proudly completed the success mark of serving 100 international clients. It took us four long, hardworking years to reach the milestone, but we celebrated the success with our teammates and clients the grandest way possible.

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    Apr, 2014
    Understanding the Market Needs

    We firmly understood that the advanced knowledge of on-trend technology is highly essential to keep our clients always on frontline. That’s when we decide to train our employees with top skills available on market, so that they can bring the best results for our clients.

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    Apr, 2016
    Joining Hands with Experts

    As sour clients grow in number, we widen our teams to keep up with the increasing demands. We carefully selected the group of highly experienced technology and marketing specialists to be a part of our future glory and they are still with us.

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    Apr, 2018
    Passion Became a Name – WaveKart Digital

    Our digital marketing agency became recognized for delivering beyond the expectation results to the long list of clientele that we serve globally. We learn to dig through the targets and successfully engage with their requirements for optimally.

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    Apr, 2020
    Still Doing the Magic

    Rather than focusing on a single marketing approach, our team provides a complete end-to-end online business solution to support your business growth. We will continue to serve as your exclusive partner for consistent profit making.

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    Apr, 2022
    Doing More Research

    Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought & Research is what We are doing when we don't know what we are doing,

Jyotiranjan Das

Our Energetic & Rocking Director

Jyotiranjan Das 

Forever energetic and highly passionate about the online business environment, Mr.Jyotiranjan had great interest to this industry from the very beginning of his career. Started as a trainee and then following the path to became a leader in providing custom e-business solutions, he climbed through countless tests to establish WaveKart Digital. He believes in innovation, hard work, and collaboration. As per Mr.Jyotiranjan – “WaveKart Digital is not just another digital marketing agency, it’s family of innovators, business supporters, online marketing nerds, tech developers, and a group of intelligent professionals who work together to make clients’ business grow faster while building a relationship that grows stronger with time. We promise to deliver your desired online experience to generate money. Isn’t it incredible? Let us enhance your online business and make it future-proof.”


To consistently deliver custom and transformative digital marketing solutions to fulfil unique client’s unique requirements and ensure exceptional returns
Leverage our years of professional experience and profound understanding to help clients with custom solutions for their individual business requirements.
To harness the power latest technologies and utilize them to maximize clients’ business productivity and provide best in industry business solutions.


At WaveKart Digital, we have placed a set of business values at the core of our operation to ensure service integrity for all our clients. We know we only can be successful if our clients succeed, that’s why we work in a direct, transparent and sustainable manner.